26 august 2009

Dude + a little sneak preview of the robo&girlie story


Robo and Girlie
by Andrei Tabacaru
The future isn't quite as you'd imagine it. Picture all those fancy movies about spatial exploration, technological evolution and making life easier by mechanizing everything around. Just take all those white backgrounded images and picture it. No, it's not even close. The future is a big over grown piece of mechanical failure. The economical crysis of the 21st century reached it's peak making all small companies go broke. Only those which had world wide covery and huge networks of shops, depo's and factories made it through. No more intermediaries. Soon all economical branches were split between just a few major companies. Everything from production to distribution... you name it. We all came to realize that everybody was eating the same food, wearing the same clothes, driving the same cars... we were like puppets on a low bugget stage (don't think that if there's only one type of meat in the world, they'd spend any money to make it the best ever in the world, no, it's all low cost). As if this wasn't enough, in 2109 a huge cataclysm surged the face of earth when nuclear testing in the South-Eastern Asia suddenly went wrong causing a huge explosion of almost apocalyptical proportions. The sky got an ugly tint of greenish grey and there were now three ozone holes, one in the middle of the Asian continent. Half of the Costal Asian countries' population got erased that day. The major companies found themselves short of man power. So they had to come up with a low cost solution to this. They invested part of their bugets into Japan's Biggest Robot Facility, making millions of cheap and crappy robots. All went well from there as they were better and faster than normal people, and even if they weren't enviromentaly friendly, who cared? Like the ozone layer didn't already have three holes in it...
Years passed and the employees of these major companies became the high class citizens while the unemployed became poor, sick and homeless. All services were now offered only to those called Workers, while the Unfortunates got thrown out of every major city, forced to succumb themselves to lives of underground rats. Of course all the Workers had to have an IQ highly above average, because The Companies couldn't afford anything else but „the elite”. The Companies made a Coop. and became the Global Services. The GS resumed only to preserving the life of their employees and their executives, everyone else had to be exterminated, also because of the new diseases which sprung from the 2109 Cataclysm that infected the Unfortunates. So, along maintaining a decent life for the Workers, the GS also offered extermination services, and of course they were all low cost, using the robots from Japan. The low cost extermination included mass incinerations, small bombs placed in the Unfortunate hives and different methods that had quick and efficient results.
So that's all that the GS did, exterminated all the „stupid” humans and preserved the „intelligent elite”.